Matagorda Fly Fishing Report – Fall Frenzy from -Capt. Addison Rhudy | - Bayou City Angler

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November 02, 2022

Matagorda Fly Fishing Report – Fall Frenzy

Early fall brought some high-water conditions and some of the highest water levels I have seen in the Matagorda area. With that higher water level, some back lakes and coves held stained water. It made conditions challenging for a little bit, but that is behind us. These last few northers have dumped all the high water, finally! The colder water temperatures have cleaned up the visibility, and it is on.


Right now, as a fly fisherman, it is as good as it gets. We are seeing redfish in the back lakes prowling shorelines for grass shrimp and crabs. They are schooling up well and putting on a tailing show most days. We are finding singles and pairs as shallow as they can get with their backs out of the water. If you find a shoreline where reds are cruising down it like a highway, stick your push pole in and tie off. Posting up and letting red after red come to you, is a ton of fun.

Matagorda holds lots of marsh territory from the far east side all the way down west. There are a lot of options for fly fishermen right now, as this is the best time of year to be flinging flies. My top flies of late have been Redfish crack in tan/olive or black/purple. There has been an aggressive bite on Flexos and Kung Fu crab patterns, which is a blast! If you find clear water and spooky fish, try a weighted or unweighted Seaducer in natural colors.

It doesn’t get better than fighting a redfish and hearing the fall migration of waterfowl overhead. Let’s get out and enjoy the cool mornings of fall and catch some of these hungry reds!

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