Early Fall 2021 Texas Coast Fishing Report - Bayou City Angler

Early Fall 2021 Texas Coast Fishing Report

September 28, 2021

Fall Fishing Is Here!

Early Fall 2021 Texas Coast Fishing Report: 

Last week’s front really kicked off our fall fishing. I was able to sneak out on Friday and head to the coast. A friend and I were greeted with multiple schools of redfish pushing shrimp down marsh shorelines, and we also had a few shots at singles on the flats. We had a lot of fun throwing Gurglers in front of the schools, the topwater eats were epic and added to the day’s excitement. We didn’t see as many birds working as I thought we would, but we found plenty of schools anyway. Fishing is great, if you have any vacation or sick days left, you need to burn a couple and hit the water! 

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Early Fall Schools Tips 

  • Be observant! – Look and listen, a handful of times we could hear redfish popping and splashing nearby.
  • Pole to where the school is heading, not where they are! – These schools tend to move rather quickly, try your best to cut them off and give the angler the best shot. 
  • Have fun but stay calm! Buck fever can lead to missed opportunities, try and take a breath and focus on making the best shot, I know that’s hard when redfish are chasing shrimp out of the water! 


 Early Fall Saltwater Gear notes 

  • Tropical Lines are still the best choice right now. Cool weather is coming, get your winter lines ready, but don’t put them on just yet.
  • General Gear Used: 
    • 7-8wts 
    • Tropical Fly Lines Rio Summer Redfish & SA Grand Slam
    • 9ft 16lb Rio Redfish Leaders 
    • Flies: Redfish Crack, Gurglers, and Kwans