Fall is here! Fishing Forecast And Top Flies For Early Fall! - Bayou City Angler

Fall is here! Fishing Forecast And Top Flies For Early Fall!

September 22, 2022

Fall is here! Fishing Forecast And Top Flies For Early Fall!

After a warm summer, fall is here! While it will be warm this weekend, cooler weather is starting to show in the extended forecast. Fishing has been picking up and will continue to get better as the heat fades and water temps drop! 

 The past few weeks, we have seen redfish schooled up, working shrimp down marshy shorelines. These schools are hard to miss; look for birds hovering low to the water and swooping down on marsh edges. You should Listen for these schools that are out of eyesight, redfish slurping and popping shrimp off the surface is a pretty distinct sound. Slow down and hunt them down. 

 When we have redfish on shrimp like this, it’s hard not to throw a popper. These fish are looking up and are competing with each other, so why not! Grab a gurgler and pop it hard in front of the lead fish. 

 Current coastal water is higher than we had over most of the summer. Take advantage of the higher water and explore the back of marshes and lakes; redfish will follow their food as they hide in the flooded grass. 

 You’ll want to make sure you have a decent assortment of heavier patterns ready in your box. High water typically brings off-colored water with it. In lower visibility conditions, fish tend to appear late and close to the boat. Be prepared for these fast presentations with a lead-eyed fly that will get down in front of the fish quickly before it feels your presence. 

We don’t know exactly when our first major front will come, but we know it will come! That first front will drop water back out, and fishing will be lights out as the water is “dumping” out. We typically see some of the best fishing of the year during the first couple of dumps. Watch the weather forecast, we’re looking for strong NW winds to push water out of the bays.

Our favorite flies for early fall 

  1. Gurgler 
  2. Black or Purple redfish crack - lead eye
  3. Bead chain redfish crack in tan