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Legends Tournament Fishing Report with Capt. Ben Boudreaux

April 12, 2024

Legends Tournament Fishing Report with Capt. Ben Boudreaux

March was a busy month in Port Mansfield as we fished the Legends Tournament out of Marker 37, but outside of that, everything has been south of the land cut. The 2nd Legends tournament in Mansfield was quite the adventure. A nasty front hit between days 1 and 2 with wind 30+ out of the north. Day 1 was solid, but we sat 8 lbs off the lead into Day 2. The prefrontal bite was strong, and it seemed like every team took advantage. On day 2 the fish had lock jaw early, and the video releases were slow to come in from the field. As the day continued, the fish ate, and we put together a 21.36 lb 3 trout stringer. We ended up 4th and 2 lbs back, just short of an epic comeback. Hats off to everyone for staying safe and battling in those conditions!


We had some awesome weather in March along with consistently warmer temps than I can remember, but great weather doesn’t always equal fish catching. Fortunately, my customers over the past few weeks were as passionate as I am hunting big trout. This meant many days we left early and didn’t come in until the moon was out. The feeding patterns in March mirrored typical Major Minor patterns, and we had a few days with epic bites as the sun was going down.


Over the last few weeks and into April, the water temps have been pushing into the mid-70s. Trout and reds have started eating top waters consistently over grass flats and potholes. We have been fishing Bone Holographic Rapala Skitter-walks, One Knocker Super Spooks, Full Size Super Spooks, Down South Lures Big Smooth - White Ice, and Watermelon Little John XL by Mirrolure.


The tide down here is the main thing I focus on when planning my day. A 2’ tide swing in Mansfield resembles a 4’ tide swing in Galveston. Huge swings down south can reduce your fishing area/options in a hurry when the bay is so flat and shallow. Always try to use these changes as advantages because this typically concentrates bait and fish in tight areas. When the tide comes up, the fish follow. Don’t be afraid to walk a shoreline that is 6-8” deep. If you think it might be too shallow, stay patient. My customers have been fortunate to sight cast a few large trout and there is nothing that gets me more fired up!


We are wrapping up the 3rd Legends in South Padre Island this coming weekend. I will be around Port Mansfield for a few more weeks until I head back to Galveston. I am booking my Galveston summer now. I would be happy to show you around my backyard and hopefully catch some nice fish doing it!  Tight Lines!


-Capt. Ben

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