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Galveston Summer Fishing Report with Capt. Ben Boudreaux

July 01, 2024

Galveston Summer Fishing Report with Capt. Ben Boudreaux

We are just a few days removed from our recent storm surge from tropical storm Alberto. We had up to a 4’ flood tide swing here in Galveston, moving lots of water around most of the Texas coast. On top of that, the squalls this year seem to be popping up faster than normal so keep a close eye on the radar and keep your crew safe. Things are starting to calm down and the water levels are getting back to where they should be for June/July.


March 26th, we had our new Texas trout regulations go into effect at 3 fish per man, 15”-20”. While it may be controversial to some, my view is it can only help things. I have been pushing my customers to release fish over 20 inches for many years with the one simple fact, they will never become big ones if we don’t let them swim! It’s still early, but we are starting to see some momentum in the health of our trout fishery.


While June, July, and August are our hottest months, it’s also some of our best fishing in the Galveston Bay complex. This June has been par for the course. Early mornings with good tides and calm winds (for the most part) have made for great trout fishing with top waters and soft plastics. We have been starting shallow in the mornings and moving to deeper ledges as the water temps rise. Down South Lures has been my go-to soft plastic for many years and this summer is no exception. Chartreuse flash, White Ice, and Purple Rain have been the hot colors this year when fishing from the boat with customers.


Wade fishing has been more of a topwater bite bringing some nice fish to hand. Super Spook One Knockers, Mansfield Knockers, and the Super Spook Jr.s have been our go-to for their ability to cast far and accurately when chasing fish up shallow. We have mainly been focusing on slicks, mullet, and ribbon fish. This is some of the most fun fishing of the year for me. My guys and I have seen more fish in the 4-5 lb range this year than we did all last year with a couple around 6 lbs. When the water temp is up, it’s important to watch how long you handle these fish. Many of my clients have been phenomenal on the conservation side respecting not getting a photo so they can ensure a healthy release.


I’m looking forward to the coming weeks and months. Get with me if you would like to catch em on lures, wading, or from the boat. We have some of the best fishing right ahead of us here in Galveston! See y’all around the docks or on the water🤙


Capt. Ben Boudreaux